"name": "mark",

"occupation": "software engineer",

"likes": ["skydiving", "nachos"],


My Work

Co-Creator of a NLP application
Software engineer, Microsoft


  • Architect of the Full Application Suite (iOS, Android) & Responsive Website Infrastructure

  • Expertise in Flutter, Flask, and MongoDB

  • Implemented Robust Security Protocols for Safeguarding Sensitive Linguistic Data

  • Pioneered Advanced Sentiment Analysis Algorithms for Enhanced User Experience

  • Contributed to Open Source NLP Projects, Demonstrating Commitment to Knowledge Sharing

  • Contributed to web-based applications, services, or platforms using technologies like ASP.NET, TypeScript, JavaScript, etc.

  • Developed applications, tools & software products using languages like C++, C#, Python

  • Immersed in Coding Challenges at CipherCraft

  • Navigated Development Projects at PulsePoint Startups

  • Contributed to Various Tech Ventures

3 different SWE internships

About Me

I am a passionate web developer with a love for transforming ideas into visually stunning and functionally seamless digital experiences. My journey in the realm of coding has been a thrilling exploration of various programming languages, each line of code serving as a brushstroke in the canvas of the internet.


Armed with a keen eye for design and a commitment to crafting user-friendly interfaces, I thrive on the dynamic challenges of the ever-evolving web landscape. Beyond the syntax and algorithms, I believe in the power of collaboration and effective communication to bring ideas to life.

Join me on this coding adventure, where innovation meets functionality, and let's create the next chapter in the digital world together.

Tech Stack Showcase

React / Next Node Flask / Django

Wanna talk?

Contact me with any questions or just to say a few nice words ... or mean ones. Up to you .... free will and all

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